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Tally Board

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Posted by Runar Trollet Kristoffersen

Tally Board (free)

iTunes Category: Games | Compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Runar Trollet Kristoffersen website:

It’s about placing numbers strategically, planning ahead. Seeing the numbers that fit, numbers that mix. It all may sound difficult, but really, it’s not. You’ll get a hang of it, and become addicted really soon. The challenge is, how far can you go?

I think this game is both amusing and addictive for anybody who likes brain-games. Having fun while doing some basic math can help you add and multiply basic numbers faster in your everyday life.


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House Flip Analyzer

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Posted by SwapMeet Consulting

House Flip analyzer ($7.99)

iTunes Category: Finance | Compatible with iPhone, iPad

SwapMeet Consulting website:

House Flip Analyzer

Whether you plan to flip, rent or own, this is the best tool you can buy to understand the process. HFA gives you the financial knowledge needed to make sound decisions.

• Know potential profits in advance
• Understand the impact of time on “return on investment” (ROI)
• Explore and experiment with what-if scenarios
• Evaluate rental property cash-flows
• Plan your target return and see your minimum rent
• Simply calculate mortgages as you look a properties

Learn- Experiment- have fun and make money

Browse 500,000 restaurants with KlickOrder

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Posted by KlickOrder

KlickOrder (free)

iTunes Category: Food & Drink | Compatible with iPhone, iPad

KlickOrder website:

KlickOrder is an app for browsing restaurants across the United States. There are 500,000 restaurants featured on the app with a full color picture gallery of each restaurant and their food. Browse by proximity, price, type of cuisine, and popularity. View reviews of the restaurants and see their star ratings. You can direct call the restaurant from the app through one click phone calling. GPS mapping helps you get to the restaurant you choose in real time. View detailed store information such as hours of operation.

Smartphone direct ordering from the app is available for restaurants in the DC metropolitan area. For these restaurants, full menus are available on the app and you can click on what menu items you would like to order. Orders go through the app to the restaurant kitchen fax machine.

KlickOrder was profiled by DailyAppShow.


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Posted by Davide Barbieri

ReCalcIt ($1.99)

iTunes Category: Business | Compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

ReCalcIt website:

ReCalc is a calculator that allows you to save and calculate again the expressions transforming the digits in variable elements or portions of expression in calculated results. You can use AirDrop to send saved expressions to another device.

It’s also a SOCIAL App. You can share your expressions with other people of our community or download expression made by other people.

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Feel the weather as it is, own the moment in your phone

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Posted by Simpact

Weather Traveler ($1.99)

iTunes Category: Weather | Compatible with iPhone, iPad

Simpact website:

Weather Traveler PRO
The most dynamic and fun weather app. Ever.
- Detailed weather info
- Beautiful local photos of current weather/time
- Large collection of extraordinary worldwide photos:
  10,000+ downloadable pics from 50+ countries
- Unique UI that maximizes the photo viewing experience
- Stunning design: 2 beautiful frame designs

Weather has never been this fun!
Feel the weather as it is, own the moment in your phone.

Enjoy weather through beautiful worldwide local photos running in the background in tune with the current weather and time of day.
Like it? Navigate around the world, download photos you like.

Travel with the weather.
Enjoy Weather Traveler.

• GPS Weather data by™ to provide unrivaled weather forecast.
• Weather conditions collected from more than 32,000 weather stations worldwide – the largest network in the world.
• Wind speed/direction, humidity, precipitation, and UV index for a total of 9 days.
• Trends of weather conditions including yesterday’s and upcoming 9 days.

• Beautiful and downloadable photos matching the location, time of day, and current weather.
• Download all the photos from our collection – share them or enjoy them as wallpapers!
• Over 10,000 selected photos around the world – more than 50 countries including popular destinations to the most exotic places like Maldives, Fiji, and Tibet.
• Navigate through our photos via “Around the World” – a separate widget that allows you to travel around the world – in unlimited countries!

• Two sensational design frames to choose from – a classy one and one with the new stylish iOS look.
• Just tap to change layouts – tap on the temperature widget to hide the widgets to maximize the photo view.
• Swipe horizontally to go to another one of your favorite locations.

One Degree makes finding a Photographer or Videographer easy

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Posted by Mankhool Corporation

One Degree (Free)

iTunes Category: Photo & Video | Compatible with iPhone, iPad

Mankhool Corporation website:

I started One Degree out of frustration.

Often in my line of work I am tasked with finding stock images or stock footage for a video production. So I go online and peruse numerous sites offering stock media at various prices, grades of quality, and levels of rights ownership. Some of these services even include access to a representative who will do the search for me and upload content to a lightbox on their site for easy review. In all instances the Producer or Editor I’m working with chose something, and it was ALWAYS a compromise – the wrong lighting, the wrong angle, the wrong time of day (why can’t everything be shot at Magic Hour?), too many people, too few people, etc. But the largest compromise was always the Location.

The Perfect Location for whatever we were making was always elusive in stock footage.

What’s the solution to not being able to find the exact location shot or footage that we need? To hire a photographer or videographer or an entire film crew nearest the location we want to capture. How easy is hiring any of these people, whether locally or internationally? It isn’t easy at all. Internet searches yielded far too many results for any location – whether for individual photographers/videographers or entire crews. Choosing one of these involves numerous emails and/or phone calls to discuss rates, contracts, and, most importantly – Availability.

Availability is always a challenge, because most of the time, the individual or crew we wanted wasn’t available.

So I created One Degree to get the stock images or footage I need, from the exact location I need, from someone who is available right now.


MatchCut Creates Synchronized Music Videos ­­In Seconds

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Posted by M2Catalyst

MatchCut (free)

iTunes Category: Photo & Video | Compatible with iPhone

M2Catalyst website:

Mix It Up! New MatchCut App For iOS Creates Synchronized Music Videos ­­In Seconds

New App From M2Catalyst Instantly Edits Multiple Videos Into Single 30-Second Cut Perfectly Timed To Music Track; Android To Follow In June

ALISO VIEJO, CA., JUNE 5, 2014 – Responding to the growing international demand among app users for a faster and more creative way to generate high-quality short videos on their smart devices, mobile application developer M2Catalyst today debuts MatchCut (, a free new iOS app now available through the App Store that represents a bold new addition to the burgeoning social video/music app universe.
Featuring patent-pending technology and lightning-fast processing power, MatchCut – which will be also available to Android users via Google Play in June – enables consumers to enhance even the most ordinary events in their lives by almost instantly editing several new and/or existing video clips into a single 30-second movie that’s precisely cut to match the downbeats and tempos of a pre-selected music track.

The result: a video so perfectly synchronized it appears to have been edited professionally over a period of days rather than created for free in a matter of seconds.

MatchCut for iOS

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Loop Man

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Posted by 30-nine

Loop Man (Free)

iTunes Category: Games | Compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

30-nine website:

Loop Man – A funny jump and run game. Try to collect as many coins as you can to get more life. Jump over the flying objects such as hammers, pans, soccer balls and others. You can jump with a simple tap to the display. Attacker from the air (like birds) will be fight with a swipe thru the attacker. Have fun!

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China Taxi

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China Taxi ($0.99) by Keyloft LLC

Available on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad

When I read the iTunes description of this game and saw that it’s based on a famous Chinese painting called “Along the River during the Qingming Festival” a little bell went off in my head, like the ding of a microwave oven when your Hot Pocket is ready. I’m not Chinese, but I’ve heard of that painting before! A quick search of IAR revealed that I got acquainted with this painting over three years ago through an app called Painting Scroll. Painting Scroll and China Taxi really have nothing in common besides the painting connection, but I just wanted to let you know that I have a really good memory.

So getting back to the point of this post… what is China Taxi and is it any good? The answers to those questions are platform game and yes, respectively. China Taxi is a side-scrolling platformer where your job is guide two frantic old-timey Chinese “taxi” guys through an obstacle course where their two missions in life are to (a) pick up passengers, and (b) not get splattered all over your screen by all the crazy, life-threatening stuff they have to dodge along the way.

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LWR Personal Trainer

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LWR Personal Trainer (£1.49/$1.99) by Dennis Publishing

Available on iPhone, iPod Touch

Back in the day I used to exercise four times a week for about an hour. Now that free time is pretty much a thing of the past…I was lucky if I can get one proper workout a week (as perhaps many can relate to).

Whether it’s for health or vanity, exercising and eating healthy have become hot topics in recent years…and there are plenty of apps that promise to whip its users into shape. LWR Personal Trainer is an app that actually delivers. It’s developed by Lucy Wyndham-Read, a women’s fitness expert with over 15 years in the business.

LWR Personal Fitness Trainer is a 28 day program for women that includes a meal plan and exercise routines. The program is customized by asking questions such as height, current weight, and to choose three goals (such as weight loss or reducing stress). I did have a problem with the app crashing after switching from kg to lbs when entering current and ideal weights but there was no problem entering it in kg or my height in feet/inches.

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Mysteryville 2

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Mysteryville 2 HD: hidden object crime investigation (2,99$) by Nevosoft

Available on iPhone, iPod and iPad

Mysteryville 2 is Nevosoft’s sequel to their original puzzle game release in 2011. The story begins with Laura Winner (journalist and physic) returning to the Mysteryville for a vacation. When a town is called Mysteryville it’s no surprise that Laura’s vacation is cut short and she finds herself investigating the disappearance of her missing friend. The game is primarily a hidden object game. Different levels require players to find either a specific list of items, spot the difference, match pairs items etc. However, there are also several mini-games that involve tasks such as unscrambling letters to find hidden messages or rearranging images. Ultimately, these puzzles reveal clues to help Laura to unravel the mystery of her missing friend and the strange goings on in town.

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Find a Way, José!

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Find a Way, José! (Free) by Artlab Interactive

Available on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad

Poor José has lost his bottle of Tequila…your mission is to reunite them in this new puzzle app from Artlab Interactive. In this sliding block game, gamers help José chart his way through desert and space perils such as scorpions, cacti, planets and of course aliens by moving different shaped blocks around the board. Points are awarded based on how many moves and how long it takes to complete a level. I found that levels offered the right amount of challenge but wasn’t so difficult that it was ridiculously frustrating.

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