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Cloud Quest Match 3 fun

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Posted by Elite Platinum Inc.

Cloud Quest (free)

iTunes Category: Games | Compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

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Cloud Quest is a match-3 game for the iPhone and the iPad with hundreds of levels and several modes of game play. It will have you multitasking your skills to achieve one single goal. You will see clouds going up, things moving from left to right, some levels are colorless, some are timed and while you are matching your clouds to achieve the points and unlocking extras, you will need to defeat the hungry worm that eats your flowers every 7 seconds; and this is only 1 of the 4 goals each level brings. Twelve crazy challenges to choose from.

This is not your typical video game to entertain you while you are waiting in line. It will drive you nuts but leave you curious to see what’s next, you will want to beat your friends score, and put your name in the hall of fame of Game Center. We guarantee you won’t be able to put it down after you are done playing the first levels. Even our game testers agreed that it was one of the most challenging games they have ever played. “that’s what makes it so addictive.”

But don’t rely on what we say, get CLOUD QUEST from the iTunes store and bring your gaming to a whole new level of fun!

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Socialeyes – Spontaneous Activities Nearby

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Posted by Canka Net Bilisim

Socialeyes – Spontaneous Activities Nearby ($free)

iTunes Category: Social Networking | Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch

Canka Net Bilisim website:

Meeting with friends has never been easier!

With only 3 taps you let your friends know what activity you want to do and get together spontaneously.
What Socialeyes will do for you:

• Share your plans for an activity and have friends join you on the go
• Get notified when your friends are nearby or up for some activity
• Discover new and interesting people nearby and socialize
• Earn social points and challenge your friends on leaderboard

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Get creative and win a free copy of AddressBook Magic Cleaner!

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Put your typography and design skills to the test by designing a contact list that includes Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, and send it to Use whatever names you want in this imaginary list of contacts, but please include Tim Cook and please be creative and make it colorful and pretty :)

The most creative entries will be rewarded with a promo code so you can download AddressBook Magic Cleaner for free! It’ll help you clean up your address book. Here’s more info on it.

Draw with any tools you want… do it on your computer or iPad or iPhone or (gasp!) draw something on actual paper. Something tells me an old-school paper submission (scan it or take a pic) will really wow the judges.

Ten lucky winners will be chosen, so hurry up! The deadline is 4 pm EST, February 22 (that’s 10 pm CET for you Europeans).

Make order in your contacts with AddressBook Magic Cleaner

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Posted by Alina Snigur

AddressBook Magic Cleaner ($.99)

iTunes Category: Productivity | Compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

AddressBook Magic Cleaner analyzes and identifies many errors, random contacts repetitions, addresses, phone numbers, application allows you to save time while making ORDER in your address book, and the function of auto-cleaning will do the job for you in a split second. Forget about the built-in purchase for the PRO Version, annoying Ad views and all the time reminders that you should SHARE something in Facebook. Buy our app once and use it without any RESTRICTIONS.

If you are a FAN of MUST HAVE apps and in your list already are Camera+, 1Password and Clear , then AddressBook Magic Cleaner is for YOU.


○Search and UNIFICATION of DUPLICATE contacts
○Delete BLANK contacts
○Backup copies of your address book in ONE TAP.
○The massive search and delete unnecessary contacts
○Search for duplicate number, an email, etc.


If that is not enough for you, we have prepared for you even more features:


○ Find and merge duplicate contacts
○ Search contacts and unification with similar names.
○ Find and merge contacts with the same phone numbers or email addresses.
○ Save and load entire address book
○ Protection against accidental deletion, change your address book
○ Support for multiple languages
○ Graph of address book purity
○ Deleting contacts in one click
○ Fastest analysis of the address book in the vast Appstore
○ Support for huge address books


Always be one step ahead DOWNLOAD AddressBook Magic Cleaner !!!


You Promised: A Digital “I told ya’ so”

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Posted by Four Rooms

You Promised (free)

iTunes Category: Lifestyle | Compatible with iPhone

Four Rooms website:

You Promised

We are only as good as our word.

We Make Commitments To Others All The Time, The Question Is:
Do We Keep Them?

Send and receive quick agreements with your friends, have a record, and get reminded when it’s time to deliver.

Bundle the World

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Posted by Dwarf Planet

Bundle (free)

iTunes Category: News | Compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Dwarf Planet website:

Especially for News Junkies: Bundle

iTunes Category: News I Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad


Are you a news junkie? Then Bundle might be your next favorite app. Bundle is one of the latest personalised mobile news app to keep up with the content from the most popular news sources around the world.

It offers you a number of great features and sections (Hot Bundle, Live Bundle, Photography and etc) along with its sleek design and easy-to-use interface. But what I like the most about Bundle is: You can make your own list of your favourite sources AND you can explore through the categories and Hot Bundle where Bundle’s editors handpick content and sources for you. So you don’t get stuck with the sources you already follow, you get to discover new stuff everyday.

Additionally, Bundle offers a bunch of location preferences so that you can change your news feed accordingly with the location you choose. (US, UK, Japan, France, Germany…) Also, it comes with 6 different languages including German, Spanish, French and so on.

Final word: Whether you’re in a rush and have a limited time to get today’s news or have hours to spend reading great articles, Bundle offers you both!

Spread Betting Basics: Using your iPhone for Profit

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Those with a penchant for numbers and a willingness to take a risk have a plethora of ways to make money using their iPhones. Whether it’s sports betting, online poker or even bingo, there’s now an app that will give you a way to indulge your two passions while on the move.

Joining these betting markets in the last few years and now becoming the go to choice for advanced punters is spread betting. Taking attributes from both the sports betting market and the currency trading world, spread betting requires an understanding of basic mathematical principles as well as a keen eye for potential.

In the past currency trading was the reserve of financial experts working for a company with the latest hi-tech equipment. However, thanks to the internet and some canny software developers at sites in a market led by Tradefair, it’s now possible to track the currency markets and place spread bets via your iPhone.

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“CheeseGuard” reissue! New graphics!

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Posted by Nubaslon LLC

CheeseGuard Reissue ($0.99)

iTunes Category: Games | Compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Nubaslon LLC website:

Do you like drive and action? Want to tickle your nerves a bit? Hate mice? Then this game is just for you! “Charming” squeaking mice won’t leave you indifferent but only until they decide to eat all of the delicious cheese… You’ll have to really hustle to stop the little critters from making you go hungry. Destroying mouse after mouse you run the risk of antagonizing the whole rat clan. And then you’ll be up against giant and very mad rodents (which are tough to beat), and green toxic mice that can poison your cheese in no time – they’ll attack from every direction until every bit of cheese is gone. And if you want to reach the best score and keep the rodents from defeating you in seconds, get a friend or a coworker to lend a hand – you could use all the help you can get. Good luck!

100 Interactive Animated Video Tips

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Posted by falkemedia digital GmbH

100 Video Tips for iOS 8 on iPad & iPhone ($1,79)

iTunes Category: Education | Compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Video tips to iOS8. Since the app has been very popular in Germany, We have now published an english version of the app.

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Make hilarious Dubstep-synced clips with Dubify

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Posted by Rory O’Logan

Dubify (free)

iTunes Category: Photo & Video | Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch

Rory O’Logan website:

Dubify automatically turns your everyday videos into hilarious Dubstep-synced clips, perfect for sharing.

Turn your videos into fun, music synced clips with easy to use editing which can be done with a single tap. Make awesome videos with minimal effort then share them with all your friends via email, Facebook, and Youtube.

Features random button which does all the work for you, just open the app, hit Random and share your awesome video with the world.

Want to tweak your video – just pick the best scenes to use in the final video and thats it. Dubify was made to be quick and easy to use and not over complicate things.

Now with 3 free tracks each with it’s own special effects.

*Dubstep – crazy loops and a epic rewind section.
*Techno – plays selected scenes forward and backwards to create a cool dancing effect.
*Wobble – as seen on the Dubify trailer.

Halloween Bonus Slots by Printpal

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Posted by Printpal

Halloween Bonus Slots (free)

iTunes Category: Games | Compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Printpal website:

For a frightening good time play Halloween Bonus Slots year-round, not just around Halloween.

Our philosophy: Instead of combining several good slot machine games into one app, we have tried to create the best slot machine game you have ever experienced. We guarantee that you’ve never seen another slot game quite like this one.

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Sports fans best bots

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If you love sports, love gambling on your chosen sports and love to travel around – you’ve never had it so good as long as you can get coverage.

Gambling on sports in which you have an interest can add a real element of spice to proceedings as long as you keep it at a fun element only. But if you want to get a little more serious about things as so many of us do, then it’s probably worth trying out a specialist app or two on your iPhone.

A good way to get started is to review the Betfair sports app directory – filtering via platforms suitable for Iphones only. There are plenty different ones to choose from with different features and approaches depending on how much input you want to have, what your favourite sports are and how often you want to gamble.

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