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“CheeseGuard” reissue! New graphics!

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Posted by Nubaslon LLC

CheeseGuard Reissue ($0.99)

iTunes Category: Games | Compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Nubaslon LLC website:

Do you like drive and action? Want to tickle your nerves a bit? Hate mice? Then this game is just for you! “Charming” squeaking mice won’t leave you indifferent but only until they decide to eat all of the delicious cheese… You’ll have to really hustle to stop the little critters from making you go hungry. Destroying mouse after mouse you run the risk of antagonizing the whole rat clan. And then you’ll be up against giant and very mad rodents (which are tough to beat), and green toxic mice that can poison your cheese in no time – they’ll attack from every direction until every bit of cheese is gone. And if you want to reach the best score and keep the rodents from defeating you in seconds, get a friend or a coworker to lend a hand – you could use all the help you can get. Good luck!

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100 Interactive Animated Video Tips

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Posted by falkemedia digital GmbH

100 Video Tips for iOS 8 on iPad & iPhone ($1,79)

iTunes Category: Education | Compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Video tips to iOS8. Since the app has been very popular in Germany, We have now published an english version of the app.

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Make hilarious Dubstep-synced clips with Dubify

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Posted by Rory O’Logan

Dubify (free)

iTunes Category: Photo & Video | Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch

Rory O’Logan website:

Dubify automatically turns your everyday videos into hilarious Dubstep-synced clips, perfect for sharing.

Turn your videos into fun, music synced clips with easy to use editing which can be done with a single tap. Make awesome videos with minimal effort then share them with all your friends via email, Facebook, and Youtube.

Features random button which does all the work for you, just open the app, hit Random and share your awesome video with the world.

Want to tweak your video – just pick the best scenes to use in the final video and thats it. Dubify was made to be quick and easy to use and not over complicate things.

Now with 3 free tracks each with it’s own special effects.

*Dubstep – crazy loops and a epic rewind section.
*Techno – plays selected scenes forward and backwards to create a cool dancing effect.
*Wobble – as seen on the Dubify trailer.

Halloween Bonus Slots by Printpal

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Posted by Printpal

Halloween Bonus Slots (free)

iTunes Category: Games | Compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Printpal website:

For a frightening good time play Halloween Bonus Slots year-round, not just around Halloween.

Our philosophy: Instead of combining several good slot machine games into one app, we have tried to create the best slot machine game you have ever experienced. We guarantee that you’ve never seen another slot game quite like this one.

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Sports fans best bots

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If you love sports, love gambling on your chosen sports and love to travel around – you’ve never had it so good as long as you can get coverage.

Gambling on sports in which you have an interest can add a real element of spice to proceedings as long as you keep it at a fun element only. But if you want to get a little more serious about things as so many of us do, then it’s probably worth trying out a specialist app or two on your iPhone.

A good way to get started is to review the Betfair sports app directory – filtering via platforms suitable for Iphones only. There are plenty different ones to choose from with different features and approaches depending on how much input you want to have, what your favourite sports are and how often you want to gamble.

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Space Riders – Avoid the Asteroids

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Posted by Trish Veloso

Space Riders -Avoid the Asteroids (free)

iTunes Category: Games | Compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Trish Veloso’s website:

You are the captain of this spaceship and your crew has just informed you that the ship is entering an asteroid belt. With no ammo and the ships shield malfunctioning, there is trouble ahead. Hold the button to move up and release to move down. Keep an eye out for items that will help your chances of Survival.

Filmy Hero : Bollywood Movies & Music Videos

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Posted by Lighted Inc.

Filmy Hero : Bollywood Movies & Music Videos (Free)

iTunes Category: Entertainment | Compatible with iPhone, iPad

Lighted Inc. website:

Filmy Hero (Free)

This app was released about 5 months ago and has already been featured as the No. 1 App in the ‘What’s Hot’ category in India. It is currently ranked in the Top 50 apps in the Entertainment section.

App Description

Filmy Hero gives users easy and free access to Bollywood movie trailers, music videos, movie promos, reviews, behind-the-scenes footage & a lot more. It is delivered in High Definition (HD) format and packaged in a stylish interface for iOS and Android users.

Key Features

  • Latest Bollywood trailers, music videos & reviews
  • Playlist of exciting and trending videos
  • Complete movie details, reviews, rating & more background themes.

App Highlights

  • Featured as the no. 1 New app in the ‘What’s Hot’ section in India.
  • Achieved an all time high rank of # 3 in the ‘Entertainment’ category in India
  • Rated 5 stars

Bingo Fun on the Go with 888ladies

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Real Money Bingo on the Go!

Bingo remains the U.K.’s favourite social game. Now, players across the country can enjoy an exciting range of 75 ball and 90 ball bingo games wherever they go. The recently updated 888ladies bingo app features an impressive selection of bingo games, slots games and other instant win attractions direct from the comforts of your iPad or iPhone.

Technical Specifications of the 888ladies app
Getting started is a cinch: the app is 3.7 MB to download and install, and it has been developed by gaming juggernaut Cassava Enterprises (Gibraltar) Ltd. Players are required to be at least 17 years old to download the app, but all real money gaming is only available to players who are 18+. The updated app was launched on 24 June 2014, and is version 3.0.2.

Players who already have registered an account at 888ladies can use the same username and password combination to access the mobile platform. First-time depositors are privy to a generous £25 free with a £10 deposit. That means you can play with £35 right off the bat. Additional rewards are available to players in the form of a 50% reload bonus for every subsequent deposit.

Ideal for iOS Gaming Devices
Players with Apple smartphones and tablets will be able to enjoy a full range of features available at 888ladies, courtesy of the upgraded app. A minimum of iOS version 6.0 or later is required, and it is compatible with a wide range of iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone devices. The app has been optimised for use in iPhone 5 and later. Version 3.0.2 sports multiple bug fixes to allow for enhanced gaming, smooth functionality and rapid gameplay. The App is 100% free to download and install.

Gaming Variety
888ladies features many exciting attractions including: 75 ball bingo, 90 ball bingo, guaranteed bingo jackpots and progressive jackpot games. Other games include a wide range of slots such as The Slots, Gold Rush, Poseidon, Disco Dollars and Filthy Rich. One of the most popular 888ladies games is also available on a mobile app – Fluffy Favourites. These games can be enjoyed for real money, or for free.

There are lots of added extras when you download the mobile app at 888ladies. These can be found in the bingo chat games and chat functionality. Unlike traditional games of bingo where chatting is frowned upon, you can engage in lively online chat with mobile bingo at 888ladies. Plus there are lots of prizes up for grabs in bingo chat rooms with friendly CM’s and fellow players.

How to Download the 888ladies Bingo App
Players have 4 ways to download the app:

  • Text 888ladies to 88811 and wait for the link to be sent to your mobile phone. Click on it to download and install the app.
  • Navigate to the App Store and click to download the 888ladies mobile app.
  • Players can scan the QR code from the 888 ladies website.
  • Alternatively, you can search for the 888ladies mobile app from your mobile device.

Overall, players will find this app mirrors the website in most every way, with greater comfort and convenience since it’s available on your mobile smartphone.

Earn Cash, Prizes, Gift Cards and More Instantly with Instant Rewards

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Posted by FlashPoint Media LLC

Instant Rewards (Free)

iTunes Category: Lifestyle | Compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

FlashPoint Media LLC website:

Earn Cash, Prizes, Gift Cards and More Instantly with Instant Rewards! Earn now by watching app trailers, liking a page on Facebook, taking surveys and so much more! With our high paying offers many users earn over $10.00 a day! Instant Rewards Has the HIGHEST PAYOUTS around you’ll see we pay 5-10x what so called other “rewards apps” pay!


It’s as simple as the following 4 steps:
1) Download our App and Register.
2) Watch a Video, Complete a Survey or Download an app.
3) You’ll instantly earn credits redeemable for Cash or Gift Cards.
4) Cash out your hard-earned credits!

Instant rewards is a loyalty program. Advertisers pay millions a year trying to get your attention, what we have done is changed the game instead they now are paying you! They will pay you to allow them to market their product to you directly, the more offers videos and surveys you complete the more you earn!

We pay directly to your PayPal Account or by Amazon Gift Card. We never require any personal information like bank accounts, credit cards etc…

100% You NEVER enter any personal info we don’t ask for your age, location sex or date of birth. All our data is fully and securely stored and encrypted.

Diabetes Pet Manager

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Posted by Expervet

Diabetes Pet Manager ($6.99)

iTunes Category: Medical | Compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Expervet website:

Diabetes Pet Manager is a medical iPhone app. It is a new app designed for meeting the specificities of diabetes home monitoring and care. It is one of the very few veterinary apps intended for the care of a chronic disease.

Like humans, cats and dogs may have diabetes. If well treated, they can live a long and happy life. Diabetes is a chronic disease: diabetic pets have to be treated for their lifetime. The treatment consists of a very strict protocol including daily insulin injections and a specific diet, both given at very precise times of the day. The goal of treat­ment is to suppress or relieve symptoms, as well as to avoid the onset of complications.

More than for any other chronic disease in dogs and cats diabetes requires a very active participation of the owner. The vet usually asks the owner to monitor and note weight changes, any issue with the pet’s feeding habits, symptoms, and to measure blood glucose levels. These data should be made available to the vet for the next consultation so that he/she can assess the pet’s condition and the treatment efficacy.


The vet usually ask the owner to inject insulin to his/her pet and to provide its meals at precise times of the day. Accuracy is crucial to the success of the therapy. Diabetes Pet Manager app can be programmed to notify the owner at these exact times.
- Program insulin injection times: 1 to 2 times a day
- Program feeding times: 1 to 6 times a day


The Blood Glucose Curve is the best way to assess the response of the dog or cat to the treatment and to determine the needed therapy adjustments. The Blood Glucose Curve test consists of measuring the evolution of blood glucose concentration over a 12-hour period. Diabetes Pet Manager app guides the ownerover the whole process of producing the Blood Glucose Curve:
- Program times interval between 2 consecutive blood takings (1,2 or 3 hours)
- Choose blood glucose unit: mg/dL (range 0-500), mmol/L (range 0-30), or g/L (range 0-5)
- Get reminded of each sampling time by the app
- Record data (times of the blood samples & blood glucose values).
- View the Blood Glucose Curve in the “Reporting section”
- Receive a monthly reminder to perform a Blood Glucose Curve


Diabetes Pet manager iPhone application gives the opportunity to note and record daily the food leftovers for each meal:
- Estimate and record the amount of food leftovers of each meal
- Watch the actual food intake curve in the “Reporting” section


Diabetes Pet Manager iPhone app records the pet’s weight evolution and produces a curve for a 3-month period:
- Choose the unit (lbs or kg) for the pet weight in the “My Pet” tab of the “My Vet and Me” section (do it only once)
- Record your pet’s weight
- Watch the weight evolution curve in the “Reporting” section
- Receive a weekly reminder to weigh your dog or cat

There are two types of symptoms in pet diabetes.
Symptoms of hyperglycemia (too much glucose in the blood) indicate that the pet’s diabetes is not controlled well enough. Symptoms of hypoglycemia (not enough glucose in the blood) indicate that the injected insulin is acting too strongly or that the pet is not eating enough (or both).

Diabetes Pet Manager allows you to note and record daily your pet’s symptoms and differentiate between hypoglycemic and hyperglycemic symptoms:
- Select and record the symptoms your pet has experienced during the day. They are presented in a list that distinguishes between hypoglycemic and hyperglycemic symptoms
- Receive a special warning for hypoglycemic symptoms


Diabetes pet manager iPhone application gives you access to the information you have previously entered: phone, email and address of your vet and of a veterinary emergency service (if different) so that you can contact them directly from the app.
The app can also send directly an email of the report including all the information you have recorded to you or your vet. It is especially interesting for archiving purposes or for preparing the next veterinary consultation

Tally Board

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Posted by Runar Trollet Kristoffersen

Tally Board (free)

iTunes Category: Games | Compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Runar Trollet Kristoffersen website:

It’s about placing numbers strategically, planning ahead. Seeing the numbers that fit, numbers that mix. It all may sound difficult, but really, it’s not. You’ll get a hang of it, and become addicted really soon. The challenge is, how far can you go?

I think this game is both amusing and addictive for anybody who likes brain-games. Having fun while doing some basic math can help you add and multiply basic numbers faster in your everyday life.


House Flip Analyzer

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Posted by SwapMeet Consulting

House Flip analyzer ($7.99)

iTunes Category: Finance | Compatible with iPhone, iPad

SwapMeet Consulting website:

House Flip Analyzer

Whether you plan to flip, rent or own, this is the best tool you can buy to understand the process. HFA gives you the financial knowledge needed to make sound decisions.

• Know potential profits in advance
• Understand the impact of time on “return on investment” (ROI)
• Explore and experiment with what-if scenarios
• Evaluate rental property cash-flows
• Plan your target return and see your minimum rent
• Simply calculate mortgages as you look a properties

Learn- Experiment- have fun and make money