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Magic101 ($free) by Angelo Oddo

Available on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad

Somewhere in the deep recesses of this thing I call a brain, I like to imagine a world where I’m surrounded by adoring women who ooooh and aaaah as I wow them with amazing magic tricks peppered with bits of irresistable charisma… and then I wake up and realize that I’m about as charismatic as a canker sore.. but for whatever reason I still want to learn how to do magic!

Magic101 is a collection of videos that teach you how to pull off 12 beginner-level magic tricks. Each trick comes with a written explanation, a video that shows the trick being performed, and another video that explains how the trick is done. More magic tricks can be bought through the “magic store” where most tricks cost $.99.

Most people are smart enough to realize that you can learn plenty of magic tricks by watching other people’s videos at this crazy website… what’s it called… oh yeah, YOUTUBE. But if you’re serious about mastering certain tricks, and if repetition is the key to mastery, then it might really be beneficial to have a magic teacher in your pocket (and hopefully a deck of cards) so you can work on perfecting your craft whenever, wherever.

Magic101 does a pretty good job of explaining the tricks, but in the sales department I’m pretty disappointed that there isn’t a video demo of each trick being performed. How am I supposed to know if I want to buy a trick if I can’t see it being done first? The absence of this see-how-it’s-done video will almost certainly drive me to look up the trick on Youtube where not only will I learn from someone else, but I’ll have no more reason to buy the trick from Magic101.

Visual Presentation Amateur at best
Ease of Use Nice & Easy
Functionality It does what it says it does
Value vs. Price No complaints, 12 free tricks is nice even if some of them are pretty stupid
Overall Magic101 won’t turn you into Mindfreak or even Doug Henning but everyone’s gotta start somewhere
App Name: Magic101 (iTunes)
Version: 1.0
Price as of this writing: $free. A free version of this app is available.
iTunes category: Lifestyle
Available on: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
Developer: Angelo Oddo
Device & iOS used for review: iPhone 4, iOS 5.0