Geek Quiz

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Geek Quiz ($.99) by Mark Bridges

Available on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad

Do you have lots of random factoids about all things technology or sci-fi related but never knew what to do with all that info? Now you can show off your geekiness with this new app. With over 300 questions covering topics from Star Trek and Star Wars to science and technology, there’s enough variety to keep almost everyone’s inner geek entertained.

This app features five different modes including quick test, biggest geek, and fastest geek (single player modes), 2 person buzz in and 2 person pass and play. My favorite single player mode is the biggest geek where players try to answer as many questions correctly as they can (apparently there’s a special message when you beat the app…sadly I never made it that far). This mode does offer two chances to pass and you start with two lives, so if your knowledge in a particular area is lacking..not to worry you can always use a lifeline. The two player buzz in mode allows you to put your geekiness to the test with a friend by doing what the description says…buzzing in and answering the question before the other player does.

This app does have good instructions for all game modes and even offers game center integration. The graphics are simple but good and the sound effects are reminiscent of the 80s (gotta love the 80s!).

Overall, this game is pretty fun…questions only reappeared on occasion and the variety of questions kept the game interesting.


Fun Yup.
Sound & Graphics Basic but not bad.
Controls Easy to use.
Replay Value Pretty good.
Overall Well worth $.99 if you want to prove to everyone you are the ultimate geek.
App Name: Geek Quiz (iTunes)
Version: 1.1
Price as of this writing: $.99. A free version of this app is not available at this time.
iTunes category: Games
Available on: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
Developer: Mark Bridges
Device & iOS used for review: iPod touch 4th gen, iOS 5.1