Calcuta – like no calculator you’ve ever seen

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Posted by Coriander

Calcuta ($.99)

iTunes Category: Utilities | Compatible with iPhone 5, 5C, 5S, 6, 6Plus, iPad

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Why I did it
I designed Calcuta because I was tired of clunky old-fashioned calculator interfaces, numeric keypads from the 1960s, and software that didn’t work with you.

Calcuta is starkly different from other calculators in its sleek, gorgeous and thoughtful interface based on a scientifically-validated radial keyboard that makes extensive use of gestures. It addresses simple frustrations everyone has had with calculators.

You think you made a mistake. You’re not sure if you typed a certain number. Old solution: retype. Calcuta solution: wipe the screen aside and edit any part of your calculation, numbers and operators. Even delete lines with a left swipe.

You’re calculating. Baby cries, phone rings. When you come back, you’re not sure where you are. Calcuta lights up the keyboard like a Christmas tree as you type, and gives you a secondary display that shows you what you’ve typed.

All those M’s!! M, M+, M–, MC, MR, even MS? No more. There’s a single M in Calcuta, it lights up on or off. You move numbers in and out of it with your fingertips. A single tap adds, two taps subtract. You can even multiply and divide. To clear memory — why, just wipe it with your finger.

And finally, email it. Once you have every detail of your calc right, you can email it as a spreadsheet-friendly table rightaway.

  • C Y Gopinath

    Has anyone noticed that the keypad arrangement for the phone is the exact opposite of the keypad for the calculator? I’d have thought at least a firm like Apple would have standardized a keypad base don ergonomic studies. If anyone knows about studies in the ergonomics of numeric keypads, I’d be very interested.